STS Digital Diamond Voices of the 50's, (STS6111140)

A fine selection of songs from female singers of the 50's.

This STS CD offers a fine selection of songs from female singers of the 50's, including some classic songs from Doris Day, Peggy Lee, Julie London and Dinah Shore.

If you love the music of the 50's, this is for you. As per usual, they have gone back to original recording Master tapes and woven their magic at the mixing desk to produce some magically musical moments - 16 of them!



  1. Doris Day – Penny from Heaven
  2. Dakota Station – Close Your Eyes
  3. Dinah Shore – The Man I Love
  4. Julie London – But Not For Me
  5. Peggy Lee – Empty Glass
  6. Dakota Station – Dedicated to You
  7. Dinah Shore – My Buddy
  8. Doris Day – The Way You Look Tonight
  9. Julie London – I’ll Remember April
  10. Peggy Lee – My Guitar
  11. Dakota Station – Be Anything
  12. Dinah Shore – That Old Feeling
  13. Doris Day – Over the Rainbow
  14. Peggy Lee – I Wanna Be Loved
  15. Julie London – People Who Are Born In May
  16. Doris Day – It’s Easy To Remember

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