STS Digital Dynamic Experience Volume 3 (STS6111126)

Great songs, sounding sublime.

This is the most 'dynamic' series of CD's STS Digital has ever produced, with the help of the MW Coding Process. Heavy stuff! - and one warning, this CD is not very suitable to play LOUD on small bookshelf loudspeakers, you may damage them - but a big fun on larger loudspeakers and shows how wide a range of dynamics the CD medium can achieve and how this offers a sense of scale and reality to the music.

Volume 3 has a great range of musical styles from the likes of Lou Reed, Paul Simon, Tom Jones and Laurie Anderson


  1. Rickie Lee Jones ft Leo Kottke - Tigers
  2. Tony Joe White - Menutha
  3. Ali Farka Toure ft Ry Cooder - Commi
  4. Bliss - Sleep will come
  5. Tom Jones - 24 hours
  6. DJ Elio - Rocco Sifredi
  7. Laurie Anderson - The puppet hotel
  8. Paul Simon - Pigs sheep and wolves
  9. Ricky Peterson - It’s all right
  10. Lou Reed and John Cale - Faces and names
  11. Jacob ter Veldhuis - Danza I
  12. Circle Percussion - Steam train

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