Air Audio Services RF-BLOCKER

A radio frequency filter that increases audio fidelity.

The Air Audio RF-BLOCKER is a simple to fit radio frequency (RF) filter array. It is supplied with either loudspeaker spade terminals or bare wires and simply fits on the back of your loudspeaker, on the + and - input connectors.

The RF-BLOCKER is entirely passive, has no effect on impedance, or any other amplifier/speaker characteristics, other than eliminating a broad spectrum of RF both going into the loudspeaker from the amplifier side via the loudspeaker cable, and RF re-entering the amplifier's feedback circuit from the loudspeaker via the negative side loudspeaker wire.

The resulting increase in audible fidelity is usually clear to hear, an increase in musical detail as if a veil has been removed; the high frequencies are sweeter and clearer, mids cleaner and less 'confused' the bass taughter and more musical. The overall effect is of less 'confused' musical details, so getting you closer to the musical event.

As amplifiers and speakers are designed and built differently, the effect is slightly different in each amplifier/loudspeaker combination, but there's almost always an improvement that confounds and surprises! Suitable for use with all types of amplifier (Class A, A/B, and D) and types of loudspeaker

The Air Audio RF-BLOCKER is based on sound electronics and scientific principles. There is no 'Angel Dust' or 'smoke and mirrors' used in either the product or in our product marketing!

The Air Audio RF-BLOCKER product is itself designed to audiophile standards. The audio quality electrical components are housed in a die-cast aluminum box acting as a Faraday cage ensuring no additional RF interference enters the audio chain. The short attaching cables are multi-strand OFC copper, sheathed in a special vibration damping sleeve. The Spade connectors (option) are manufactured by Xhadow from OFC copper and thick silver plated. The RF-BLOCKER's are supplied in pairs in a presentation box with full instructions (fit and forget - enjoy the music).

Tests have been conducted on speakers costing from £500.00p up to £15,000.00p together with a wide range of amplifiers and we have yet to hear anything other than an improvement in sound quality ... and its not always the highest quality (highest priced) systems that improve the most.

We make the claim - the RF-BLOCKER will improve your Hi-Fi System. If you are not entirely satisfied with the RF-BLOCKER, there is a 21 day returns policy offered by all our Dealers and Dealer web shops and on Amazon (when sold un-demonstrated). Dealers will be able to demonstrate the RF BLOCKER effect to you, if you ask nicely!

..... and the really good news, they are not an expensive accessory:

RF BLOCKER pair with spades: RRP £219.00p

RF BLOCKER pair with bare wire ends: RRP £196.00p


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