Astin Trew Concord DAC1

Astin Trew Concord DAC1

DAC with FireWire and asynchronous USB options.

The Concord DAC1 is Astin Trew's new flagship product; designed and manufactured in the UK, its the result of 18 months intensive R&D. The specifications are impressive enough - a multi-board DAC allowing for future updrades, and plug-in asynchronous USB and FireWire modules if you wish to play your ripped CD's or downloaded studio quality music up to 24bit/192KHz.

It has all the usual inputs required for home (and studio) use, and also sports an I2S input for the forthcomming CD transport in the Concord range, ensuring the highest quality sound from your CD collection.

The multiple (and very low noise) power supplies ensure that each digital and analouge stage works optimally. The dual mono DAC and analouge architecture offers tremendous dynamic range and detail, whilst the class A biased amplification and tube buffered (single ended) stages offer subtlety, inner detail and that hard to define 'musicallity' that keeps you listening and enjoying for hour after hour.

The Concord DAC1 is not all technical and audio excellence - the styling and attention to visual detailing is also very apparent. There are no screws or fixings anywhere to be seen from the front,top or sides; and the impressively thick front fascia is beautifully sculpted at each end. The finishes are impecable, with a 'rubberised' self damping paint finish on the case cover.

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