HANA Hana EH, Hana EL, Hana SH & Hana SL

Hana EH

Low cost, high performance, high output Moving Coil cartridge with elliptical stylus.

The Hana EL cartridge has a synthetic Elliptical diamond stylus fitted to a high rigidity aluminum cantilever with cross-shaped armature, offering super transparency and excellent trackability. The body is manufactured from a composite low resonance plastic material in dark green.

This competitively priced Low output moving coil cartridge offers great quality sound referenced against similar priced cartridges. The EL (Elliptical Low output) offers 0.5mv/1KHz output. Selling at £389.00p RRP each.

HANA Hana EH, Hana EL, Hana SH & Hana SL
HANA Hana EH, Hana EL, Hana SH & Hana SL
Hana Hana EH


Long Live Vinyl, 1 March, 2019

These Hana cartridges couple high performance with value for money, meaning there's very little for John Pickford not to like...


Dagogo, 10 Oct., 2018

The superb Hana EH high output moving coil phono cartridge is highly recommended.

Highly recommended

The Absolute Sound, 1 Feb., 2017

The level of transparency generated by these [Hana SH,SL] Shibata Cartridges at this price point is something to admire.

Highly recommended

The Audiophile Man, 20 Feb., 2016

both bring genuine advantages to any listening session while both offer terrific value for money.

9/10 for both

The Ear, Hi-Fi Music Gear, 12 Feb., 2016

I see a bright future for the new Hana brand, its excellent price to quality ratio should ensure that.

High recommendation

Hi-Fi World, 1 Feb., 2016

Meet the Hana twins...a pair of moving coil cartridges from Japan that can be yours at an exceptionally low price. Paul Rigby is smitten by their charms.


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