Sorane tonearms TA-1L tonearm

Sorane tonearms TA-1L tonearm

12" long gimbal-type bearing design tonearm for excellent bass, dynamics and imaging


A successful tonearm must have the sensitivity and stability to retrieve low-level signals and the quality of the bearings (such as used in the TA tonearms) is paramount. 

Whilst tonearm mass and cartridge compliance set the low frequency resonance point, high quality bearings must be used that allow the arm to follow the advance of the groove, to navigate the vinyl groove without grabbing/resistance/noise generation. 

Resistance to movement creates unwanted low frequency noise and cantilever deflection, skewing the image and moving the signal generating coils/magnet out their ideal geometric relationship.  The TA tonearm range use a miniature radial bearing for horizontal movement and a miniature pivot bearing for vertical movement.  Very high performance is achieved at a reasonable price.

The saddle and bearing housing are machine-tooled from billet aluminum, and the arm is formed of high quality tubing.

The hand-assembled, tested and adjusted arm-tube and bearing structures guarantee vibration-free and noise-free reproduction.

Reproduced sound is precise, focused and clean, without bearing noise and inconsistent movements.

The TA1L comes with detachable headshell, phono cable (RCA output plug, or optionally as XLR), screws, washers, wrench and marking pin.

Though a conventional arm in appearance, the careful attention to detail produces an arm of outstanding quality.

A spring activated anti-skating device offers consistent and precise adjustment, cartridge downforce is via  rear counterweight adjustment. The removable headshell offers azimuth adjustment.

This 12” long tonearm works best with medium to low compliance cartridges, such as Hana or other MC types.

There are two length options available, the longer TA-1L specifications are:

Total length, front to back:  380mm

Spindle to pivot distance: 310mm

Stylus to pivot distance: 322mm

Overhang: 12mm

Art Dudley review – Stereophile Magazine.

If high-end audio is an arms race, then the Sorane TA1L tonearm is the weapon system for the value minded audiophile.  Nearly thirteen inches of fine-tuned, hand-assembled tonearm, built by Japanese craftsmen who are serious about their business, and winning the tone-arms race.

While a number of tonearms are wrapped in quasi-science and Rococo aesthetics, the TA1L, and its progenitor, the TA1, are from the conservative Japanese tradition of ‘Ma’, or negative space, best typified by Japanese architecture with a preponderance of open (essentially empty) space.  This idea of minimalism seeks to perfect the basic ingredients, strip away the non-essential, and allow the beholder to interpret the space (or negative space) in a way that personalizes the experience for each beholder.  

The TA1L does not seek to suggest a sound, or to overlay “special sounds” over the pure tones of a good phono cartridge.  By choosing a traditional tonearm form, using carefully selected materials, and by employing skilled craftsmen to carefully assemble the components, the Sorane TA1L will fill the needs of the music lover.


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