Sorane tonearms SA-1.2 tonearm

Reviewed by for Stereophile, March 2016

The Abis SA-2.1 has been awarded a place in the 2016 Stereophile Class A, 400 recommended components list.

The Japan-made Abis SA-1.2 is a high mass 9.4" tonearm .... The new SA-1.2 reflects a number of refinements: improved bearings, greater effective length and slightly higher offset angle. AD found it capable of pulling from his records: 'touch, force and impact'. The SA-1.2 was so good, he declared, that it made his Thorens TS124 sound more like his Garrard 301.

.... the Abis SA-1.2 tonearm deserves my strongest recommendation.

For LP enthusiasts who prize tone, touch, and timing above all else, I'd put the combination of Abis SA-1.2 and Denon DL-103 up against all but their priciest competitors; and for delivering the most of those performance characteristics for the least amount of money, it has few competitors.

Stereophile's '500 Recommended Components, 2016' award

Class A Recommendation

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