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Hana MH - high output MC cartridge & ML - low output MC cartridge

Reviewed by for Analogue Planet, April 2020

Truly Explosive Sound

Seriously, I was not expecting the energy release this cartridge manages. It made the speakers “pop”, producing a taut, stable sonic bubble of a big soundstage. I played the just reviewed Monk’s Dream Mo-Fi One-Step and honestly, it may have made for a more exciting listen than it was through my far more costly reference, though it wasn’t as nuanced or delicate-sounding. Monk’s piano though, hung together well on the biggest bangs and avoided hardness on the dynamic peaks and softness in the valleys. The sound was “fast” but not at all bright or hard. It got my attention, that’s for sure!

Hana ML stays out of the way timbrally, delivering cool and warm as demanded by the recording. If you like warm and lush all the time, this one isn’t for you!

Fast, timbrally neutral, non-mechanical-sounding, transparent and delivering levels of detail usually heard from more costly cartridges, the Hana ML is in every way an impressive sounding and performing cartridge.

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