Long Live Vinyl

Hana EH & SL

Reviewed by for Long Live Vinyl, March 2019

Hana EH: The EH has no problem tracking any of the records played ... Coltrain's 'A love supreme' sounds wonderfully open, rymically engaging and tonally quite even.... Radiohead's 'OK Computer' can sound cluttered and confused with a poor cartridge, however, the EH maintains good order throughout.

Hana SL: .... the same tracks reveal more filigree detail and presence, Cotrains saxaphone is raspier and contains more emotion, while the overall presentation is much livelier and more finely etched.

Both Hana cartridges perform incredibly well at their price points ....

The £599.00 SL can hold its own against most cartridges priced around the £1,000.00p mark,

whilst the £389.00p EH is an audiophile bargain and a great introduction to MC reproduction.



High performance/price ratio

Detail retrieval

Musically fluid sound

Phono stage friendly (high output models)


Nothing at the price.



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