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Hana MH - high output MC cartridge

Reviewed by for Customer feedback, January 2019

Dear Michael,

Well forty hours in and I am overwhelmed with the sound of the Hana MH. I admit I was sceptical going for the high-output option - no more, the sound is indeed a revelation.


I had a Dynavector xv1t (£5,500.00p) and it was producing hum through the phono stage (an Aesthetix Rhea) and I thought - I am not taking the risk of another low output cartridge.

I also have a London Super Gold (£1,100.00p), very good and live sounding performance. 


The Hana MH beats them both. The detail picked up by the stylus is phenomenal and the sound stage is huge. A solid attack with musicality to die for.


It is also helped by the Seas diamond tweeters I am using in my three-way Art floor-standers. Best way to up is I never want to stop listening to it.

 Kind regards,

A.B. (Details held on file)

PS.  (01.02.2019)

Just read the review of the MH and ML cartridges [in Hi-Fi World, March 19 issue].It was very good indeed.
The reviewer mentioned possible hiss and slight edge which could be present using the MH.
I can only say there is none of that coming from my own system.I am using a belt driven turntable a Systemdeck 3D signature with a Audio Origami 12 inch PU7.
Maybe the Technics turntable he is using (good as it is) may be the culprit due the location of the motor?
Regardless I have no complaints whatsoever a great cartridge and I would think twice before going to a ML
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