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Hana MH - high output MC cartridge & ML - low output MC cartridge

Reviewed by for Hi-Fi World, March 2019

.... 'Beyond wonderful .... I've never heard such a good sound as this before.'

It (ML) gave more insight into Marianne Thorsen's violin ... than I have ever heard before .... it was the best I've heard from this 'difficult' LP .... the slight sense of shimmer I often hear was replaced by a steady confidence in transcription .... I've never heard such a good sound as this before.

.... Carol Kenyon's 'Dance with me' was similarly fast, impactful and better resolved that I have ever heard it; there was more insight and retrieval of fine detail, again a sense of open spaciousness yet no glare or edginess.

No intermittent buzz from obvious mistracking, or the loss of confidence from weak groove contact.

The Hana ML was wonderfully insightful, had tonal poise and good firm bass ... placing it ahead of most else .... At the price, this is a great moving coil, well worth buying.

The MH .... equally revealing.




Hi-Fi World's '5 Globes + Value' award


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