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Hana ML - low output MC cartridge

Reviewed by for The Absolute Sound, October 2018

Hana ML moving-coil cartridge
As usual, Musical Surroundings debuted a number of enticing high-performance analog components at the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival (RMAF).

Of particular note were its Hana “M-series” moving-coil cartridges, which feature Delrin cartridge bodies to dampen resonances and allow more low-level details to emerge, as well as nude microline styli, aluminum cantilevers, high-purity copper wire, and cryogenic processing of the front yoke and center and rear components. Hana’s M-series cartridges come in both high- and low-output versions. The low-output Hana ML ($1200) was not out of place in one of the best-sounding systems at RMAF, featuring the new AMG Viella V12 Doppio turntable, Audio Research electronics, and Sonus faber Aida 2 loudspeakers. The sound was big and bold on a Gershwin album and seductive on female vocals. I thought I was listening to a much more expensive cartridge, which makes the Hana ML a great value.

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