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Hana Umami Red

Reviewed by for stereo magazine, October 2020

The speed and finesse Umami Red is capable of was demonstrated by Diana Krall's "I Love Being Here With You", the opener of her live album 
from the Paris Olympia and a listening test classic that has been used many times. The artist and her band acted uninhibited and
recognizable down to the tiniest facets in the wide acoustic backdrop of the hall, the dimensions of which could be experienced during the entrance
applause. This recording is rarely served so delicately and with such deep structure.

Very tough stuff for every pick-up is “Alchemy” from the 78 ECM album “Arcade” by the John Abercrombie Quartet. In the uncommonly dense composition,
drummer Peter Donald lets his hi-hat strokes rise up like a fog in the background, behind a melodious intermingling of intertwined instruments, a delicate web
as if gently rocked by the wind - pure aesthetics. In complete darkness I plunged into the piece, which was accompanied by bassist George Mraz, and
staggered to the horizon, almost lost myself in it, so masterfully the Hana put its fragile parts into a weightless whole.

The question of taste does not arise with the Umami Red. It is not just perfect but an exquisitely prepared MC!


After the [Hana cartridge] ranges in the middle and higher end MC class, Hana serve their ultimate delicacy. The Umami Red alludes to gastronomy as a sensual experience, but this is not for the palate, it’s for the ears. Aside from all imaginative descriptions, it is a transcriber of the absolute top league with outstanding capabilities - and at the appropriate price.

98% quality

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