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Sorane tonearms SA-1.2 tonearm

Reviewed by for Hi-Fi News and Record Review, March 2017

I was amused to find that the press releases for the arm on both the Sibatech and Air Audio websites could almost be used as a performance checklist.

'Rich and tight bass'? Check. 

'Sound precise and clean'? Indeed

'A liquid midrange' Absolutely

In short, these were no idle claims.

Vocal performances were an absolute delight ... the SA 1.2 captured every vocal inflection beautifully.  

Hence, the Abis SA 1.2 is a very compelling listening companion. It draws you into the music and presents material in an ebuliant way, which makes listening a pleasure.

The Abis SA 1.2 is eminantly adaptable in terms of partnering cartridges.  As I've said, there's a wide range of headshells to fit its mounting collar and allow for easy fine tuning.

83% Sound Quality.  Hi-Fi News Highly Commended.


Hi-Fi News and Record Review's 'Highly Commended' award


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