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Sorane tonearms SA-1.2 tonearm

Reviewed by for Stereo Times, September 2015

Okay, so now I’ve replaced my Moth arm with the Abis SA-1.2. ... So what did I get for all of these changes? Well, a quieter background that gives increased definition to the depth and height of the soundstage. I also got greater definition of vocals and instruments. The resonant characteristics of unique voices such as Kurt Elling and Sade really come to life when rendered by a highly resolved front end like this. And finally, I got a more expansive soundstage with greater extension at the frequency extremes.

... the Abis SA-1.2 tonearm is the one that I believe made the biggest impact on improving the sound of my analog setup and is the one piece that I have made a permanent part of my system.   

It has been a more than satisfying experience, it has changed the way that I listen to vinyl. Highly recommended.


Highly recommended

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